The Rise of Malaysia Gigabit Cities

We’re in the middle of a digital revolution. Across Malaysia, the rise of new technologies and cloud services are radically transforming the way we live and work. Government, businesses and citizens are increasingly aware of the importance of digital infrastructure. Our digital connectivity is either a barrier to growth and innovation or a catalyst for economic and social development.

iFIBER is a builder of Gigabit Cities. Through the design and deployment of future-proof, full fibre infrastructure, we help bring the benefits of unlimited bandwidth and Gigabit speed connectivity to entire communities.

Every Gigabit City we build provides local business, government, health and education sectors with state-of-the-art digital infrastructure, capable of meeting their data connectivity and communication needs for decades to come. The applications of ultra-fast broadband are numerous, and will only grow as we continue to embed technology in our day-to-day lives.

As mobile operators continue to upgrade their networks, Gigabit Cities move to the front of the queue due to the quality of connectivity available to power 4G and even 5G services. Ultimately our Gigabit City networks will serve people in their homes too, improving connections with family and friends across the globe and enriching lives through study, work/life flexibility and entertainment services.

What is iFIBER Gigabit FTTH?

SWITCH to iFiber Open Access Network and upgrade your home fibre network. No more long term contract, faster speed up to 1Gbps. Multiple choice of Service Providers


We offer Internet Services with NO LONG TERM CONTRACT options


You will have more options to choose multiple service providers with internet services starting from 100Mbps


iFIBER is delivering its services using infrastructure which supports up to 1Gbps internet speed

How does gigabit internet can benefit you and your business?

iFIBER's Gigabit Cities Project

Gigabit City Cyberjaya

Gigabit City Johor Bahru

Gigabit City Melaka

Now that you know the benefit, please check out the video below to guide you on how to sign up on iFIBER system

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